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Culture at Work : Orgatec 2018 | Workspace Design & Contracts Ltd

Culture at Work : Orgatec 2018

Workspace Design at Orgatec 1

This year the biennial Workplace furniture design event Orgatec returns to Cologne with a new theme for us to ponder; Culture at Work.

It challenges the thought that ‘only through a culture that promotes diversity, collaborative partnerships, motivation and trust that we are inspired to work creatively and our ideas are allowed to flourish.’ It is certainly food for thought and stretches across many of the fundamental principles and considerations of modern design in the office today. Given we spend so much time in the workplace, it is a given that we create a healthy office culture that encourages us to be creative and productive, yet flexible and dynamic. So what did this year bring?

Interstuhl are one of Europeans leading manufacturer of sitting solutions (in the office area), so it is no surprise they presented an incredible stand to engage thousands of trade visitors. Their enormous, carefully designed pop-up home for the duration of the event embraced the theme of the show wonderfully. Here, they unveiled some interesting new products that will be launched in the UK soon, so look out for more news on this in 2019.

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Workspace Design at Orgatec 2b

Whilst K+N International are specialists in office furniture and room systems, their role is defined by much more than this. Understanding workplace culture is where it all begins for many design institutions and it’s no different at K+N. At Orgatec 2018 this year, we saw the launch of their Work Style Culture Concept. Using a specially designed consulting approach, the K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP looks at key features that characterise day-to-day interactions and the significance of these in the workplace. Using surveys, workshops and a clear visualisation of results, this service helps to create the perfect conditions for understanding the factors that shape your work culture.

Workspace Design at Orgatec 3

Also launching this year, was the Stand By office 2.0. This future-oriented solution makes autonomous working possible right now. The K+N STANBY.OFFICE is a mobile fold-away workstation that’s fully equipped and includes acoustic screening for additional privacy. The adaptable table is suitable for people of all heights and works completely independently thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery.

Workspace Design at Orgatec 4

Cultures at work. It was indeed a thought-provoking theme at Orgatec 2018 and one that the design team at Workspace Design and Contracts are forever challenging. Yes, practical and functional design are important, but meeting the demands of our ever-changing workplace cultures and how we design for creativity, flexibility and technology are an essential part of the jigsaw.

Thanks for reading our Orgatec 2018 post
Tim Ostroumoff, Furniture Consultant


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