5 reasons why you should move or improve your offices

Top 5 reasons for an office move_Workspace Design

Believe it or not, the design company you choose to partner with for your next office refit can be incredibly useful to engage and consult with in the very early stages. Aside from having the ability to visualise the space, companies like Workspace Design can assist with the nuts and bolts of your tenancy agreement and how best you can optimise your space and budget.

We are sharing some of the top reasons our clients approach Workspace with their plans to move, plus a few handy tips here and there. If any of these sound familiar, why not speak to our team, so we can offer our knowledge and advice on the next steps, should you wish to take them.

Top 5 reasons for an office move_Workspace Design

1. You are growing

Yes, this is a good problem to have; business is ticking over nicely, however, it can be a juggling act to allow for an ever expanding team, especially if this is not planned. And since we probably spend more time at work with our colleagues than we do at home, there is most certainly a sweet spot when things become a little overcrowded. It’s important to have a business plan or strategy for the future growth of your business, this will enable you to think carefully about how you future proof your office. If, however, you still have time remaining on your lease or the growth is project led, then do engage with our team who can help with ideas to redesign and configure your existing space to make your stay a little more comfortable.

No. 2 Space Audit by Workspace Design2. Location

There are many reasons why location is your main moving motivation. Often, this can be a financially driven decision to cut back or to gain more sqft for your budget, but equally it could be an additional site or a chance to get amongst your industry hub and benefit from the access to opportunities these present. Each corner of London has its own mini-community to tap into from the A&D world in Clerkenwell to the Tech Hub of Old Street – but a good agent will be able to explore this with you. Today, space is at its highest premium so seeking help is essential to ensure you get the perfect plot for your business.

Workspace engages with clients to prepare a ‘Space Audit’, which enables us to assess a space and design and plan for the optimum solution. We make sure you get the maximum benefit, squeezing every last sqft to make it work, both practically and financially.

3. Your lease is expiring

This is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your premises. Is it working for you and are your tenancy terms changing? With a lease renewal a whole host of questions are raised, but a lot of the time companies are happy to continue with business as usual and stay put. Interestingly, we do speak to many organisations that see this time as a perfect opportunity to ‘refresh’ their space. Whether you chose to stay or relocate, Workspace can offer anything from upgrading the furniture and facilities, to an entire renovation and rebrand. It is worth noting that leases tend to run for an average of 5 or 10 years now with breaks in between. These key milestones give the opportunity to update, change and refresh your space.

4. Flexibility by Workspace Design

4. Flexibility

The way in which many companies work today is changing. Remote working is an accepted practice with many employees benefitting from a least one day working from home. There is also a popular ‘hot desk’ culture, where employees may not need a fixed desk and certainly a reduction in the ‘cubicle’, in favour of a more open and collaborative approach to teamwork. This has inevitably changed the use and capacity of our office spaces, provoking employers to reassess their spaces. Having flexibility enables some of our clients to take smaller offices in the best locations and then larger satellite offices for more of the back-office functionality. This allows businesses to have the perfect address in an ideal location and create an amazing space to showcase their brand to clients and employees alike.

5. Ownership by Workspace Design

5. Ownership

The reinvention of co-working spaces or serviced offices in London has been a trend for some time now. Perhaps perfect for start-ups and small businesses, these spaces offer ‘packaged’ flexibility, but there may come a time when you wish to take the next step. Having your own office, offers great perks to build a solid brand and culture amongst your employees, with a true sense of your personality. Workspace has an in-house design team that are passionate about bringing brands to life through design, so please visit our Recent Projects for more on how we do this.

If you are thinking about moving offices, or want to re-evaluate your current office plans to make sure they are working for you, then speak to Charlie Peacock on  Charlie.Peacock@workspace-design.co.uk



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