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Last Friday we visited the hotly anticipated 100% Design. Powered with high expectations and intrigue we browsed the ‘Workplace’ section to seek out some gems. And with a blend of exhibitions spanning all areas of commercial design from desking, seating, booths, storage, electronics, lighting and flooring, design brands needed to work hard to entice a stop at their stall.

With every kind of company demanding innovative products to improve productivity and satisfaction within the workplace, competition is fierce. It gets harder to standout. But the potential to succeed in this global marketplace is what propels designers to respond.

Today’s workers want more comfortable and collaborative spaces to work. They want to feel good at work. They also want pockets of privacy and quiet; different zones where they can think. They want to ensure their wellbeing at work is taken seriously with furniture which fits and complements them. And they want colour and light to be injected into their workspace. They demand from the workplace, what we do in our own homes; spaces where we can work, relax, communicate and play.

And as we spend much of our week at work this only seems right. And in acknowledgement of these demands it seems that current office design is very much influenced by a mixture of opposing trends and textures to suit these varied needs; industrial and homely styles, neutral and vibrant tones, natural and synthetic materials. Workplace design is experimenting; it’s exciting, it’s interesting, it’s dynamic.

So let’s look at some of the inspirational bits we saw…


Nook pod is an ultra stylish way to maximise office space by creating mobile, flexible spaces for collaborative and individual work. We tested one out and were impressed by the immediate feeling of comfort and tranquility despite being in the midst of a busy exhibition. Nook is contemporary with a homely vibe and would slip effortlessly into any commercial space.

Features include:

  • Power and charging points
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Range of colours

Lintex image

Writable surface designers, Lintex from Sweden, made its U.K. market debut at 100% Design and we were lucky enough to take a peek at their products.

Lintex has a range of mobile and wall mounted whiteboards, glass boards, office screens and products for sound absorption. Their product range includes the mood wall, mood fabric mobile and mood glass boards (which can join together to create large seamless writing surfaces).

We enjoyed the sleek simplicity of these items. There is an elegance to the shapes that softens the practically and functionality of the products.

Features include:

  • Wall mounted magnetic fittings
  • Magnetic glass
  • Sound absorbant back
  • Range of colours


Creating a quirky standout feature wall or ceiling is the perfect way to provide a dramatic visual impact in a workspace without undergoing any structural work. From wooden walls, concrete tiles, leather panels to living walls there is a host of unique options now available. But MOSSwall® definitely have something special. This unique and natural preserved moss panel system can change a space from the from ordinary to the spectacular. MOSSwall® allows you to add a bespoke burst of texture and colour to your workspace or wow your visitors by sprucing up a waiting area or meeting room. And what’s more it’s an all round sensory experience; it’s soft to touch, earthy to smell, beautiful to look at and adds a calmness or vibrancy to your space depending on which colours you choose.

Features include:

  • Class 0 fire rated as standard
  • Full acoustic certification
  • Maintenance free
  • Available in 22 colours


We love the outside-inside look in a workplace. Being surrounded by natural elements in an office is a great mood lifter and when mixed with industrial looking furniture gives a really raw, rustic look to an office. So THORS-DESIGN’s offerings really caught our eye.

Using Azobé wood, products are handmade into bespoke, simple, stylish furniture that is full of character. The beauty is in the purity, integrity and history of the wood and the fact every piece will be unique.

Features include:

  • Validated and certified reclaimed wood containing only natural oils
  • Furniture used inside and outside all year round.
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