Conventional Leasing: Where the fit-out should fit in

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When is the right time to move, upgrade, downsize or indeed take the step from a serviced office to signing a conventional lease? These are just some of the many questions that our clients are asking.

It is unfortunate that more often than not, we are unable to participate in the early, but crucial stages of the acquisition process, when a client is touring and deciding upon potential spaces with their agent. Advice on how the space or layout could work to suit a clients requirements, could further help the decision making, with both creative and practical working solutions.

Sometimes we may not be invited to come on board until offers have been made and contracts are in solicitor’s hands, which can cause further complications, uncertainties and undeserved stress for clients and this is what I want to talk about here.


Many of our valued clients have taken the plunge and signed a conventional lease from previously renting serviced offices due to the success and expansion of their business. This is a costly process both in terms of time and finance that can impact greatly on business costs and productivity if the correct processes are not followed from the early stages.

Signing a lease on an office is very different from operating out of an all-inclusive and fully managed serviced office. Your upfront investment will be much, much greater, your term much longer, you are dealing with a commercial landlord and his agent and you are responsible for the upkeep and any changes you wish to make to the space..

… yes it is more work but it is yours. You have the freedom to design the space to reflect your business and showcase your brand. You can create a positive and productive workspace which can both retain and attract staff, as well as project an impressive image to visiting clients.

So just how do you prevent a tricky transition with unexpected budget blowing surprises? Most of this relies upon getting a good team on board, here’s how a commercial fit-out company like Workspace Design could help:

  1. Invite us to view. A professional commercial fit-out company should be an instrumental part of the acquisition team. It’s simply not enough to reply upon a commercial agent for this and their expertise do not extend to turning an empty office space into a well-designed, unique, fully functioning furnished office.
  2. Consult with us on planning and budgets. Workspace Design’s experienced team can help determine how the space can work for their clients and how much time and budget is needed to achieve this before you commit to signing on the dotted line. Don’t miss out on vital help that could save time, money and stress.
  3. End to end project management. Use our internal resources, such as professional designers, project managers and contractors to deliver the project on time and on budget. We consult with our clients on their office requirements; we take a full client brief to understand wants, needs, likes and dislikes so we can develop detailed design plans. We will undertake a space audit, produce space plans and compose a cost proposal for our client’s consideration.
  4. Discuss and set achievable goals. Our objective is to bind expectations with what is actually achievable within the budget. We oversee every aspect of fit-out from landlord approval to site management and we provide our clients with clear timescales using a detailed project programme so there is an exact timeline for every process. This helps our clients plan their own timelines and pinpoint exactly when they will be sitting in their new office, admiring the design with a fresh coffee in hand!

Workspace services

There are many things to consider when taking a conventional lease; it’s a minefield out there! But if you take one piece of advice from the above, it should be to surround yourself with a good team of consultants who are specialists in their field from the very start.

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